Best of 2013: Classical

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
December 18, 2013
Elizabeth Bloom

4. Chatham Baroque (Synod Hall, Feb. 9):The local trio specializing in performance on historically accurate instruments presented an ingenious way of elucidating this: performing music that Thomas Jefferson held in his library at Monticello. While he didn't compose any of the music, he likely played much of it. The program was fascinating and its execution exquisite. The Chatham Baroque three were joined by harpsichordist Andrew Appel and soprano Laura Heimes for works by Corelli, Vivaldi, Handel, Purcell and more. Although the representation here showed a predilection for Baroque music that was a bit conservative for the time, it showed Jefferson had excellent taste, partially acquired during his time in France as the U.S. minister.

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