'The Winter's Tale' - Shakespeare on Acid, and More

LSD is illegal and you don’t need to risk it. Just go see The Winter’s Tale. This Quantum Theatre presentation is hallucinogenic, hilarious, and, pardon the cliché, awesome.

Since the 1960s there have been many works of the performing arts that strive to be trippy. By comparison, The Winter’s Tale makes most of them seem about as transcendental as a trip to Sheetz for a pair of hot dogs. This thing is high art in every sense of the term. It contains no prefab sausage or bland white bread.

Nothing old-fashioned about Opera Theatre of Pittsburgh's 'Julius Caesar'

Handel’s “Julius Caesar” is a baroque opera seria first performed in London in 1732, but there’s nothing musty or old-fashioned about Opera Theater of Pittsburgh’s must-see Summerfest production that opened Friday evening in Winchester Thurston School’s Falk Auditorium. Taking a cue from (but not imitating) the much-lauded David McVicar production that was shown Live in HD from the Met in 2013, resourceful director Dan Rigazzi, who is on the Met’s staging staff, has imbued this work with modern-day relevance, vitality, humor and more than a touch of Broadway pizzazz.


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