Ensemble Dialogos

Barlaam and Josaphat

A Christianized adaptation of the story of Buddha from medieval Greece, Russia, Croatia, and Italy

Sunday, February 19, 2:30 PM
Tuesday, February 21, 7:30 PM
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

What if one of the most popular saints in medieval Christianity was none other than Buddha? Dialogos presents a musical journey inspired by the legend of Barlaam and Josaphat (a Christianized adaptation of the story of Buddha). Three musicians tell the story using musical repertoires from Medieval Greek, Latin, Russian, Croatian, French, and Italian manuscripts. The popularity and cosmopolitan nature of this legend, as well as its universal dimension, inspired the creation of this program.

Katarina Livljanić voice, director
Albrecht Maurer fiddle, rebec
Norbert Rodenkirchen flutes, harp

Norbert Rodenkirchen

Medieval Echoes

Contemplative Medieval flute music from Notker to Machaut and beyond

Monday, February 20, 6 PM – 7 PM
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Pay-as-you-will; suggested $20

Ensemble Dialogos flute player extraordinaire Norbert Rodenkirchen presents a contemplative solo program that features the art of improvisation in various Medieval styles through the centuries. Drawing on sources from the 9th through the 14th centuries, Norbert takes us on a meditative and otherworldly journey, including Sequences of Notker Balbulus, anonymous lais, early minstrel tunes and dances, as well as instrumental versions of music by Guillaume de Machaut. Interlaced with the Medieval melodies are some orientally influenced pieces from the Near East and some Medieval Reverdies based on fin-de-siècle arrangements of medieval songs  — melodies that both juxtapose and bring together the ancient and modern worlds.

Rodenkirchen last appeared in Pittsburgh with Benjamin Bagby & Sequentia as part of the 2019/20 Chatham Baroque + Renaissance & Baroque concert series.

Watch as Katarina Livljanić provides an inside look into Barlaam and Josaphat:

Watch a sneak preview of Medieval Echoes as Norbert Rodenkirchen plays an excerpt from Notker’s “Virgo plorans” (9th century):

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