J.S. Bach – Sonata in G Major, 1st Mvt. (BWV 1021)

Dear Friends,

We hope you and yours are safe and staying healthy. We are well, but we are missing our wonderful, supportive, and engaged audience. Our inspiration — and the reason Chatham Baroque exists — is born from our love of sharing music with you, preferably together in a beautiful space. We long for the days of chatting with you after concerts and catching up over a glass of wine. You are like family to us.

In the meantime, we hope to sweeten your time with new material befitting our times: videos of Chatham Baroque recorded “separately but together.” Here, we present our first installment: the first movement of J.S. Bach’s Sonata in G Major for violin and basso continuo (BWV 1021), one of Chatham Baroque’s signature pieces.

The same piece is on our 2013 album Bach & Before, now on sale at our newly-updated online store.

We hope you enjoyed this interlude. For more music, be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on SpotifyFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Until next time,

Andrew Fouts, Patricia Halverson, & Scott Pauley

This video was created by each musician recording his or her part separately using an iPhone and the app Acapella. We started from the ground up, beginning with Patty recording the bass line on viola da gamba. Andrew next played the violin part while listening and watching Patty. Finally, Scott added his theorbo part while listening and watching Andrew and Patty. As we have learned, it’s a completely different experience and skill set from recording together in the same room. It almost defies the very definition of chamber music, which is the interaction of musicians in real time, preferably in a beautiful space with an appreciative audience. For now we have to imagine these things, but we hope this recording brings you peace and joy—and sparks memories of the times we’ve spent together.

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