Sweet Desire (2008)

Prothimia suavissima sive sonatarum selectissimarum

“Prothimia suavissima sive sonatarum selectissimarum,” a title that roughly translates to “A Desire for the Choicest Sonatas,” is a fascinating collection of mid-seventeenth-century small-ensemble sonatas. With few exceptions, the sonatas — twenty-four in all — are engagingly well crafted, often alternating strict fugal sections with strikingly quirky passages that meld the rich sonorities of late-Renaissance modal harmonies with the new and rapidly developing tonal palettes emanating from Italy during this period.


Chatham Baroque
Julie Andrijeski, baroque violin
Patricia Halverson, viola da gamba
Scott Pauley, theorbo & baroque guitar

With guests
Chris Verrette, baroque violin
J. Tracy MortimoreG violone
Dominic Teresi, dulcian
Greg Ingles, alto trombone & tenor trombone
Webb Wigginschamber organ

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