Latest Release: On Demand Now

Reginald Mobley and Stephen Stubbs Time Stands Still

coming soon

Chatham Baroque Stories in Song (MAY 2021)

Chatham Baroque Unpacked (JUNE 2021)

also available On Demand

Chatham Baroque The Art of the Trio (OCTOBER 2020)

Jaap ter Linden and Mark Edwards The Virtuoso Viol (NOVEMBER 2020)

Chatham Baroque Multiplied (JANUARY 2021)

Nigel North Bach on the Lute (FEBRUARY 2021)

Chatham Baroque Hark, you Shadows (MARCH 2021)

Chatham Baroque
Upcoming Live Performances

Saturday, May 8
Peanut Butter & Jam Session
Aspinwall Riverfront Park

Friday, May 14
Pittsburgh Opera’s Semele livestream

Wednesday, May 26
Chatham Baroque at Flagstaff Hill in Schenley Park

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