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Chatham Baroque:
Music for Valentine’s Day

A 30-minute playlist with music from Chatham Baroque’s February 2018 program, Cupid’s Harp, with GRAMMY Award-winning tenor Aaron Sheehan and Christa Patton on Italian baroque harp- and with additional selections from Chatham Baroque’s October 2017 program, The Italian Trio Sonata, with guests Paul Miller on violin and Leon Schelhase on harpsichord.

Music for the holidays

A compilation of audio recordings selected from Chatham Baroque’s holiday programs from the past four seasons: Alessandro Scarlatti’s charming cantata featuring soprano Pascale Beaudin and strings from Handel’s Gloria (Dec. 2016); excerpts from Alegría, Christmas Music from Spain and the New World featuring Nell Snaidas, soprano, Raquel Winnica Young, mezzo soprano, and Danny Mallon, percussion (Dec. 2018); and more.

listen here

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