If an accommodation would help you fully participate in our programs, please write to us at or call 412-687-1788 during regular business hours two weeks before the event.

Synod Hall


  1. Front Door Entrance: From North Craig Street through the front yard of the building on a sidewalk; 9 small stairs up to the door in sets of 3. (click for image)
  2. Vestibule Entrance: Straight in from North Craig Street through a small parking area, with 3 small steps up to the entrance
  3. Accessible Entrance: Located at side of the building, accessed from the St. Paul Cathedral parking lot on North Dithridge Street. This door is marked with a large freestanding outdoor sign with the Renaissance & Baroque logo. It is next to the accessible parking spots in the St. Paul Cathedral parking lot. An usher is stationed at this door for each performance. Entrance leads into house left aisle of the orchestra level of the hall. (click for image)

Six accessible parking spots are available in the St. Paul Cathedral parking lot, reachable via North Dithridge Street. Parking spots are located immediately next to the cathedral and a very short distance from the Synod Hall accessible entrance.


An accessible restroom is located in the lobby area of the hall.


Main Floor
Wheelchair seating is available on the orchestra level of the hall behind the 12th row of seats (last row on the floor level). Synod Hall does not have removable seats or swing arms.

View for accessible seating:


Access to the Synod Hall balcony requires the ability to climb a set of stairs. Please contact the R&B office if you need an accommodation on the orchestra level to fully participate.

Calvary Episcopal Church


  1. Narthex Entrance — three options
    1. Walnut Street side — 5 steps up to the side doors (click for image)
    2. Shady Avenue side — 9 steps up to the front doors (click for image)
    3. Parking circle side — 8 steps up to the side doors (click for image).
  2. Accessible entrance: Located on the far side of the Narthex entrance on the parking lot side of the building, this door is reachable via a ramp from the sidewalk or the drop off and pick up parking circle. The entrance will be marked with a large freestanding outdoor sign with the Renaissance & Baroque logo. (click for image)
    1. There are 8 steps up to Parish Hall once inside this entrance. There is also an elevator located nearby.

Four accessible parking spots are available in the Calvary Episcopal parking lot, reachable via South Highland Street.


The accessible restroom is reachable from the reception hall next to the sanctuary.


Calvary church is one level with padded wooden pews. Wheelchair seating is available in the front of the sanctuary where sections of the pews have been removed.

View from accessible seating:


The Twentieth Century Club

The entrance is on Bigelow Boulevard. Patrons may use the elevator on the ground floor to access the performance space on the first floor.


There are two parking facilities an easy half block and full block from the club. Guests may park at the UPMC Parking Garage at Bigelow and Lytton Avenue, or in the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Parking Garage. Both garages have marked accessible parking spaces.


An accessible restroom is located on the ground floor.


All seats at the Twentieth Century Club are removable and can be made into wheelchair seating.


We take seriously our commitment to provide reasonable accommodation. Consequently, if you believe that we have not provided it, please let us know by calling 412-687-1788 or emailing us at

R&B Access Policy Statement

R&B Board Statement about Synod Hall

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