Ars Longa

The Ars Longa Ancient Music Ensemble, created by Teresa Paz and Aland López in 1994, has been part of the Historical Office of the City of Havana since 1995. Composed of musicians who attended music conservatories in Havana and the Superior Institute of Art, this group has dedicated its work to the interpretation, study, and research of different eras and styles of music, from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. The music of the viceroyalty period in the Americas — around the 15th century — occupies an important place within Ars Longa’s repertoire as the oldest Cuban musical style. Since its inception, Ars Longa has performed in some of Cuba’s most prestigious concert halls, as well as many prominent national and international festivals and events. Ars Longa has interpreted and recorded historical versions of the music of Esteban Salas (Cuba, 1725-1803), master of the Chapel of Santiago de Cuba from 1764 to 1803. As an active promoter of the interpretation of ancient music in Cuba, Ars Longa is the host group of the International Festival of Ancient Music of Esteban Salas, which is held every year in Havana. The ensemble has been the recipient of many prizes and praises from music critics in Cuba and such places as France, and publications such as the Times and Scherzo Magazine. They are also a seven-time recipient of the Cubadisco award, the highest award in Cuban discography.

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Upcoming Performances

Baroque Music of Cuba and the New World – February 24, 2018

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