Aulos Ensemble

Aulos with Marc

Myron Lutzke, Marc Schachman, Linda Quan, Arthur Haas, Christopher Krueger and Marc Destrube (insert)

Crossing Borders: Multiculturalism in the 18th Century

Formed in 1973 by five Juilliard graduates, The Aulos Ensemble helped solidify today’s period-instrument movement in this country. Over the past 16 years the Aulos Ensemble has established an enviable reputation as a pioneering period-instruments group, not only exploring widely the literature of Baroque chamber music, but setting a rarely matched standard for stylistic expertise and artistic vibrancy. Now, in its 4th decade, Aulos continues to explore new projects and develop outlets for its music-making, embracing an ever-widening group of guest artists, and forging new recording alliances.

Aulos Ensemble

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