Chatham Baroque & Incantare

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The Glories of Venice

Resplendent 16th- and 17th-century music for sackbuts, strings, and organ

Chatham Baroque
Andrew Fouts violin, viola
Scott Pauley theorbo
Patricia Halverson viola da gamba, violone

Ben David Aronson, Liza Malamut tenor sackbut
Garrett Lahr bass sackbut
Alice Culin-Ellison violin
Cynthia Black violin, viola
Naomi Gregory chamber organ


Canzon 6 à 7
Giovanni Gabrieli

Sonata No. 16 for three violins and basso continuo
Giovanni Battista Fontana
Filli morir vorrei: Dialogo à 7 
Giovanni Croce

Canzon vigesimaseconda à 5
Bastian Chilese
Sonata ottava à 4
Johann Rosenmüller

Canzon quintadecima à 4
Giovanni Battista Grillo
Ah dolente partita à 5
Claudio Monteverdi
Symphonia No. 20, from Sinfonie Boscarecie, op. 8
Marco Uccellini
Stolto cor mio: Dialogo à 7
Gioseffo Guami

Canzone terza à 6
Giovanni Priuli
Sonata seconda à tre violini
Giovanni Battista Buonamente
Occhi piangete: Dialogo à 7
Adrian Willaert

Dance Set
Salamone Rossi
Sancta Maria à 7
Giovanni Gabrieli 

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