El Mundo

El Mundo 2015

El Mundo, Richard Savino, director

Buon Natale y Felices Fiestas

El Mundo is a chamber group dedicated to the performance of sixteenth through nineteenth century Latin American, Spanish and Italian chamber music. Made up of some of the finest period instrument performers, El Mundo combines bowed strings with the rarely heard accompaniment forces of mixed guitars, lutes and percussion in a setting that recreates the distinctive Latin sound of the old and new world. With their flexible instrumentation El Mundo is adaptable to meet the changing needs of this diverse repertory with the appropriate flair and affect. With the addition of the wonderful singers, such as Jennifer Ellis Kampani and Nell Snaidas, El Mundo also performs exciting of cantatas, zarzuelas, romances, villancicos and tonos humanos that range from sublimely sensual to light-hearted and folk-like.

El Mundo | Richard Savino

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