Markus Passion
The Sebastians & Chatham Baroque

Sunday, April 13 • 4:00pm
Corpus Christi Church, New York City
Presented by Music Before 1800

<strong>Jeffrey Grossman</strong> Director & Harpsichord <strong>Joseph Marcell</strong> Actor <strong>Directed by</strong> Bill Barclay <strong>Commissioned by</strong> Oregon Bach Festival <strong>Produced by</strong> Concert Theatre Works J. S. Bach wrote Passion settings for the gospels of Mark as well as for Matthew and John – two of the greatest artistic works of all time. Shortly after Bach’s death in 1750, his <em>Markus Passion</em> manuscript was hand-delivered by his son C.P.E. to his publisher, Johann Breitkopf, but was subsequently lost. The new <em>Markus</em> edition by musicologist Malcolm Bruno is an ingenious reconstruction drawing on material from other works by Bach. Featuring four singers, 14 instrumentalists and a unique role for an actor as Evangelist. This first-ever staged version tours to the UK and the west coast, but not before giving the shared world premiere in Pittsburgh (April 11), then on Palm Sunday at MB1800 in a milestone for early music. Featuring the iconic actor Joseph Marcell (Royal Shakespeare Company, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). '…of the demand for this group, there can be little doubt.' The New York Times, of The Sebastians Bach’s <em>Markus Passion</em> with The Sebastians, Chatham Baroque & Joseph Marcell will appear on April 11, 2025 at Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh. Presented by Chatham Baroque.

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