Piffaro: The Renaissance Band

Adam Bregman – sackbut, recorder, krumhorn, percussion
Grant Herreid – lute, guitar, shawm, recorder, percussion
Priscilla Herreid – shawm, dulcian, recorder
Greg Ingles – sackbut, recorder, percussion
Joan Kimball – shawm, dulcian, recorder, bagpipes, krumhorn
Christa Patton – shawm, harp, recorder, bagpipes, krumhorn
Bob Wiemken – dulcian, recorder, krumhorn, percussion

About Piffaro

Piffaro delights audiences with highly polished recreations of the rustic music of the peasantry and the elegant sounds of the official wind bands of the late Medieval and Renaissance periods. Its ever-expanding instrumentarium includes shawms, dulcians, sackbuts, recorders, krumhorns, bagpipes, lutes, guitars, harps, and a variety of percussion — all careful reconstructions of instruments from the period.

Under the direction of Artistic Directors Joan Kimball and Bob Wiemken, the world renowned pied-pipers of Early Music present an annual subscription concert series in the Philadelphia region; tour throughout the United States, Europe, Canada and South America; and appear as performers and instructors at major Early Music festivals. Recordings are a significant part of the ensemble’s work, and 18 CDs have been released since 1992, including 4 on the prestigious label Deutsche Grammophon/Archiv Produktion.

Piffaro has been active in the field of education since its inception in 1980, and has been honored twice for its work by Early Music America, receiving the “Early Music Brings History Alive” award in 2003, and the Laurette Goldberg “Lifetime Achievement Award in Early Music Outreach” in 2011. In June 2015, the American Recorder Society honored Piffaro with its Distinguished Achievement Award.

Upcoming Performances

Back Before Bach – September 2016

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